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About Fernlea



Fernlea  was born in Sacramento, CA to Harrison and Ernestine Crump, the 4th of 10 children.  As a young girl, she was an independent, confident and ambitious child who loved to perform.  Fernlea’s mother enrolled her in various art and recital programs including tap dancing, ballet and singing lessons.  She had natural performing ability, but there was something closer to her heart; musical theater productions that she was exposed to by her aunt every year.  Fern became fascinated with the concept of writing and producing plays, so much so, that she soon began writing short stories, songs and poems as a hobby.


Later in life, writing would become more than just a hobby. She would soon discover that her poetry served a much greater purpose, for it was not her exposure to the theater and arts that inspired her, it was her life experiences, and close relationship with God that brought about her best words of expression.  She accumulated well over 60 journals filled with poetry, personal passages, and writings. Below is a resume of her plays.






“A Mother’s Prayer”                                                                 June, 1994

Some have to go all the way down before they can start up. This is the story of a praying mother whose child was a hopeless alcoholic, and the road of self-destruction and detriment he must travel to find redemption.


“The Old Rugged Cross”                                                        March, 1995/May, 2010

A story of a smart, intelligent young woman who is accomplished and successful, but forgets that her achievements were because of God. Glorifying herself and not God becomes a battle in which everything is to be lost or won.


“The Judgment”                                                                      January, 1996

Between our conscience and sub-conscience mind lies good and evil. The Judgment is a story about a man confronted by God in a dream that opens his eyes to the price he will pay for deceit, deception and abuse of women to get what he wants.


“I See a Vision”                                                                        April, 2003

The death of a father forces his oldest son to take charge of the family, but he feels inadequate and unable to fill that role. As a result, he leaves the family, and joins the army only to become MIA. The family finally accepts that he is not coming back, and prepares for his funeral.


“If Given the Chance”                                                             May, 2004

Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it. This story traces the steps of a disabled man healed and delivered from his affliction, but still not set free. He tries to find employment, but has no luck in doing so, and pretends to be disabled again.


“Olivia”(The Execution)                                                          June, 2005/ October, 2014

I AM THE TRUTH, THE WAY, AND THE LIGHT... but what do you see when you have been abandoned at birth? What can you hope for when you have been sentenced to death for murder? Can you be redeemed? The story of Olivia says yes.


“The Sins of A Father”                                                            August, 2006

Generational curses - do you believe in them?  The daughter in this story was burdened by this belief, and became determined to break the hold on her family through prayer and repentance.


“Something’s wrong with mama”                                           October, 2007

A story of a child who grieves her mother to death by the way  she lived; but, who the daughter was when her mother died is not who she was after the painful event  Even so,  her life is forever changed.


“Take what’s left on the Table"                                              July,2008

A drama about a rich man with a hardened heart who refused to release his dying maid from her debt forcing her daughter to work in her place, but because she remained pious and good, such was her inheritance upon his death.


“I Once Was Blind”                                                                  November, 2009

A story about a young white child who was born blind. Though considered a physical disability, it was also her blessing, because she grew up not seeing color. The young child's mother, (even though saved by grace), is shocked when her child brings home a black friend, and wants nothing to do with her, yet she becomes her greatest blessing.


“Never would’ve Made It”                                                       April, 2011

Based on a true story….. You think your children are doing excellent because they follow you to church day in and day out.   What happens when you take your focus off your children, and focus solely on your spouse?  Only a life of prayer and fasting can change this situation.


“What a Difference a Day makes"                                          May, 2012

Everything is going fine. You are living the life you always dreamed but be careful of the decisions you make, and the way you treat people; you could lose everything in one minute, one hour, one day.



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