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A Sound Vision in the News

2015 National Black Theater Festival

A Sound Vision Inc. attends the 2015 National Black Theater Festival.



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Our community's urban youth have been neglected and left without a positive outlet. Youth who aspire to participate in activities other than sports are left with virtually nothing extracurricular to partake in.  A Sound Vision, Inc. (ASV) is a non-profit organization dedicated to communicating an inspirational message of hope by encouraging our communities youth to express their talent on stage. ASV provides a safe haven for youth who desire to showcase their varied talents in spiritually uplifting play productions.  ASV fosters positive behavior and demands that youth participants be accountable for themselves and the community at large. Youth cast members and spectators always leave ASV play productions enthused, moved, and inspired.


If you would like more information about A Sound Vision, or to schedule an interview with CEO and Playwright Fernlea Crump-Murchison, please call Stephanie Powe, ASV Public Relations Representative at 916.613.9599 or e-mail Stephanie at






Melanie Victor, Los Angeles


I started acting in Fernlea’s plays from such a young age, possibly as young as 9 years old.  Thinking back to the days of play rehearsal and our actual performances brings back such fond memories.  Play rehearsal was always so exciting, in my mind, to me rehearsal meant fun, laughs and just an all around good time with my cousins and church family.  I gained a lot of important skills from performing in Fernlea’s plays at such a young age.  I learned to be fearless in front of people, to have self-confidence, commitment and teamwork, line memorization, improvisation and overall performance skills.  I never knew that from being in Fernlea’s plays a seed was being planted inside of me.  I am currently living in Los Angeles pursuing a career as an actress.  Coincidence?  I think not. The seed planted in me long ago that Being exposed to performing at a young age has definitely given me the confidence and boldness to step into such a competitive world to pursue my dreams fearlessly.  I am beyond thankful to Fernlea for allowing me to be a part of her vision over the years and for believing in my abilities.


Natalie Lewin Sacramento


I've been an active participant with A Sound Vision for more than two years. My skills are vocal training and increasing breathing techniques to enhance song performance. I have also been able to showcase my ability in singing and acting as a part of the ASV ensemble, which has opened many doors and opportunities to take my skills and talents to other venues.


Thank you A Sound Vision.


Donya Harrison Sacramento


My main motivation for joining A Sound Vision Inc. centered around the incredible growth potential for both myself and the organization. Working with A Sound Vision Inc. offered new and exciting challenges. I was given the chance to think outside the box while identifying new solutions. In addition, this experience allowed me to learn and grow in my role as an Assistant Manager. I worked closely with people of various backgrounds, ages and levels of acting experience. I'm grateful that I was given the opportunity to work with people willing to share their talents to benefit the community. My experience at A Sound Vision Inc. has helped my leadership skills which would be very helpful in my future endeavors. I am honored to have served the community as well as being a part of this organization.


Elisha White, Elk Grove, California


A sound vision has helped me improve my public speaking skills by performing in plays in front of large audiences. The one on one training, reading and performing scripts and adlibs have been pivotal in my gaining the confidence to enroll and perform in art theater at my high school. I am now in the 12th grade, and looking forward to continuing my education in the arts.


KJ Sacramento, California


A sound vision has helped me develop as a person both mentally and physically, and taught me many lessons over the years that I continue to use today. I have learned how to improve my public speaking skills, and better project my voice by performing in plays in front of large audiences. I can feel the growth and strength in my character, and steps to maturity I have engaged, as a young man, by this experience. I believe I have developed a great sense of humor, but plays have moments where true professionalism is required from everyone in order to succeed. I not only believe, I know A sound vision has given me valuable tools to succeed in life as I continue to grow and become a leader in my community. I graduated in 2015 with a  GPA of 3.77  and received a scholarship to UCD College in Davis, CA.  My formula for growth and progress at this time is (ambition + effort = success).


Sonya Ward Stockton, California


I have attended and sponsored your plays from 2003 to present.  Each play you have produced, has developed, mature and grown into a more robust performance.  I truly enjoy them.  I enjoy the messages and the meaning.  You do a magnificent job and I hope you continue.


Vanessa McDaniel Oakland California


In these times of unrest, we all need something that will encourage our hearts, give us hope, penetrate our souls, and cause us to trust God with our lives.  That "something" is given through the inspirational plays Fernlea has written. Fernlea's plays are God-inspired, anointed, and soul-stirring, exemplifying the grace and mercy of God through each problem, heartache, struggle, and tears. Fernlea's plays inspire, encourage, and challenge me to live my authentic and real life, surrendering all my worries and cares, trusting God will deliver and heal.

God Bless you Fernlea~

I love you,



Shanon Thompson, Stockton California


I love attending the plays produced by A Sound Vision Inc. I have attended them all, because they are uplifting, encouraging and refreshing to the soul, not to mention reasonably priced.   The characters are real and experience real life issues.   I will continue to support A Sound Vision as I believe in their mission to produce high quality plays at a price that makes the accessibility possible for all.




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