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501 (c) 3 non-profit give away education scholarships to deserving youths.


Education usually supports the arts, but now the arts are supporting education.


Our community's urban youth have been neglected and left without a positive outlet. Youth who aspire to participate in activities other than sports are left with virtually nothing extracurricular to partake in.  A Sound Vision, Inc. (ASV) is a non-profit organization dedicated to communicating an inspirational message of hope by encouraging our communities youth to express their talent on stage. ASV provides a safe haven for youth who desire to showcase their varied talents in spiritually uplifting play productions.  ASV fosters positive behavior and demands that youth participants be accountable for themselves and the community at large. Youth cast members and spectators always leave ASV play productions enthused, moved, and inspired.


Arts and education complement each other. ASV envisions a world where the arts can support youth educational endeavors.   ASV supports education by dedicating a portion of their proceeds to the ASV Fulfill A Dream scholarship. The ASV Fulfill A Dream scholarship provides urban youth with the opportunity to fulfill their educational dreams with an education scholarship. ASV provides a platform where deserving urban youths can quench their artistic thirst on stage and satisfy their hunger for knowledge in college and beyond. I performed in several ASV productions and found my voice on stage. Now, I'm embarking on my sophomore year in college with the help of the generous scholarship awarded to me by A Sound Vision  Ashanti Rudulph, the 1st ASV scholarship recipient. Faced with severe budget reductions from the State and an increase in student applications, recently Sacramento State officials have declared campus enrollment impaction starting with the fall 2011 semester. Application data indicate that Sacramento State could see an enrollment jump of 4 percent to 6 percent, and would not be able to financially provide quality academic programs, courses, and support services to the extra students, says Ed Mills, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Support (Sacramento State University on-line article, 07/07/2010). Without scholarship assistance, deserving urban youth may never see the inside of a college classroom. Our youth should not suffer because of California's budget crisis.


If you would like more information about A Sound Vision, or to schedule an interview with CEO and Playwright Fernlea Crump-Murchison, please call Stephanie Powe, ASV Public Relations Representative at 916.613.9599 or e-mail Stephanie at




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